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3 hour Sunset Sailing Cruise. Sailing from 4-7 each day.

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Watching the reds, oranges, and yellows of the sky as the sun sets over Gloucester Harbor is a spectacular sight.
Do you know what elevates the amazing sight of a sunset even more?
A sunset cruise!
Sunset cruises offer a fun and satisfying experience of being on a boat during the intriguing and dramatic sunset hours.
But what exactly are sunset cruises? Read on to find out all you need to know about taking a cruise at sunset and if it’s right for you!
Why Take a Sunset Cruise?
Taking a cruise at sunset is the perfect way to see the take in the bold colors, see the view of the shore from the water and make some fantastic memories. Here are some reasons you should definitely take a sunset cruise.
Positive Vibes
Sunset cruises are all about positive energy—laughter, smiles, relaxation, and entertainment. It’s nearly impossible to experience a sunset cruise and leave feeling anything less than completely satisfied. You might feel a little sad, but it’s only when the cruise is over lol!
Great Vacation Experience
Taking a cruise at sunset is one of the great opportunities of being on vacation. It’s a great way to see the nearby coastline from the water and learn more about the place you are visiting.
For an extra special outing, book a cruise at sunset on the day you arrive or the day you depart—the memories will certainly be extraordinary!
Celebrate Events
What better way is there to celebrate a special event or occasion that to plan a cruise at sunset? Being on the water, taking in the scenery, and watching the sky’s vibrant colors is a great way to emphasize the festive feel of the day!
For Inspiration
A boat cruise, especially a sunset cruise, is a great moment to reflect on life. It makes you feel positive, grateful and inspired, and open to all the other wonderful experiences life has to offer.
What Occasions Can You Celebrate on Sunset Cruises?
There is no limit to the reasons to take a sunset cruise. Here are some of the occasions, events, and special days you can celebrate with a sunset cruise.
Date Night
Of all the romantic date ideas, taking your beloved on an enchanting sunset cruise will win every time! To be on the water is a great way to spend an evening date, and pair that with the ultimate romantic sunset, and it’s guaranteed to be a date you’ll remember forever. Want to pop the question—consider a sunset cruise.
Trying to find an experience that will add some pizazz to a loved one’s birthday celebration? Look no further than a sunset cruise. The magical orange and red-tinged sky is the perfect backdrop for a magical and unforgettable birthday.
What better way to celebrate your retirement than to book a cruise that will take you off into the sunset! It’s a great way to say goodbye to one phase of your life and onto the next.
Work Celebrations
Maybe you got a big promotion, saying goodbye to a colleague, or need to do something fun to celebrate the completion of a big, successful project. When nothing short of extraordinary will do, a sunset cruise just might be the answer!
Romantic Evening for Two
Having a drink and delicious appetizers on a cruise while watching the sun set below the horizon is nothing short of magical. It’s the perfect place for a combination of great food, good company, and one of nature’s greatest shows.
Nature Exploration
Our waters are full of vibrant marine life and the dusk hours can be the perfect time to see them in action. Watch the egrets returning to their nests on Ten Pound Island and see the fish taking their last jumps before the sun fully sets.

Gloucester Sunsets aboard ARTEMIS
Gloucester Sunsets aboard ARTEMIS

How better to end that wonderful day than with a relaxing sunset aboard ARTEMIS

Sunset over the mainland
Sunset over the mainland

Gloucester Sunset Sail

Sun set, moon rise
Sun set, moon rise

ARTEMIS Sunset Sail


Aboard a true sailing vessel like Artemis, an exact itinerary would be difficult to make. To enjoy the true essence of sailing, we must sail in the direction that the wind offers us. Whichever direction in which we travel, there will be much to see and lots to learn about sailing and marine life as well as the history of our area


Tour info

3 hours
Group Size
1 to 6
Price starts at
Meeting Point

Captain Solomon Jacobs Park 24 Harbor Loop Gloucester MA

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Why take this tour?

We are a family owned and operated business and have been operating our own vessels for over 40 years!. Captain Rick and Deb are on every cruise aboard Artemis and we love what we do! Let us show you our beautiful sailing vessel and offer you a chance to get close with the natural beauty of Gloucester, Massachusetts and the North Atlantic Ocean.

Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do, than by the ones you did do. So, throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Mark Twain


  • Awesome Charcuterie Board. Delicious Cheeses, meats, crackers and jams!


  • Alcoholics Beverages, you can bring your own.

  • Sweet sodas, you can bring your own.

  • Gratuity for the 1st Mate. 20% for great service!

Frequently asked questions

Follow your GPS instructions to 24 Harbor Loop in Gloucester Massachusetts. Find a place to park. once you have parked your car, please call our Boat phone at 207–930–5873 and let us know that you are on your way. It is a good idea to be parked and on your way down to the launch 15 minutes prior to your scheduled departure time. Then proceed to the Harbormaster’s office and go down the ramp to the water. Look for a white open boat about 30 feet long named the Gloucesterman. if the boat is not there then that means it is probably out doing a run and will return shortly. Wait patiently and they will be there. Once aboard the launch, tell the driver that you are headed to Artemis. We will pay the cost of the launch service but it is always nice to leave a couple of dollars for the launch captain.
You can reserve and pay right here on this site.
The weather in New England changes regularly and quickly, so it’s always a good idea to bring layers. We find a windbreaker to be a key element of comfort on the water!
You are welcome to bring snacks and libations! We prefer that you steer clear of red wine, dark berries, and greasy sauces/items as these will stain our canvas cushions. Daysails can be sunny, so sunscreen (not the spray kind please! It can stain the canvas)and a hat are good ideas.
Yes! Dog friendly and “mellow”dogs are welcome to sail with us. We do ask that you let us know if you will be bringing a dog along with you, as we have a dog of our own, and like to make sure proper introductions happen
Children over 8 are welcome to join us on our family friendly sails.
Sorry, There is no smoking allowed on board the boat.
Unlikely, we do our best to stay in protected waters, but if you know that you get seasick with the mere thought of being on the water, please take care of yourself and your comfort as you see fit. We do not offer dramamine or any other medications aboard the boat.
Yes. We have a ‘head’ on board the boat for our guests use, and also recommend that all of our guests use the public facilities on the dock before boarding as we have a relatively small holding tank!
We are very sorry to say, no. We are more than happy to help those with limited mobility aboard, but cannot accommodate wheelchairs on board.
Our crew rely on your generosity to show your appreciation for their hard work to make your voyage a success. Like other service workers our crew feel great and know that they’ve done an awesome job when you tip them 20%
Yes! Please email or call for to discuss options and ideas. 207-930-5873,

Things to know


Rates are for the boat, captain, and crew, not per person, and are based on one to six passengers. Above mentioned meal is included. Additional hours: $200/per hour Gratuity for the First Mate is not included; at least 20% is recommended.

Rates are for the boat, captain, and crew, not per person, and are based on one to six passengers. Above mentioned meal is included. Additional hours: $200/per hour Gratuity for the First Mate is not included; at least 20% is recommended.

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