Overnight Sailing Charters

Some of our charter guests have told us that they have purchased or are thinking of purchasing a vessel. They are nervous, yet excited about the prospect of taking extended voyages aboard their vessels but they are intimidated about taking the first step to multi day and night voyages. We are now offering 3 day/2night voyages from Gloucester, MA to Provincetown MA and return including at least one full overnight sail. On these trips you will learn all about how to prepare for and undertake an overnight or multi night cruise. This is a learning experience taught by Captain Rick and Deb Miles. You will come aboard as a working crew member and you will be expected to participate in all of the ship’s duties including, but certainly not limited to, cooking and cleaning up. Please be advised the ARTEMIS is a dry ship, (no alcohol consumed, while new are at sea. Cocktails are most welcome once secured in P-Town or Gloucester.

Itinerary, (may be somewhat fluid based on weather and other unforeseen factors, just like real life) Day 1. Arrive in Gloucester, MA to ARTEMIS at 0900 for coffee and introductions. 1000-1200 Provisioning and loading the vessel with groceries for the voyage. 1200-1230, lunch, 1230 -1700 continued preparation of the vessel including items listed below. 1700 dinner, 1900 underway. We will sail through the night planning to arrive at Provincetown at first light on Day 2. Once arrived we will clean the vessel and repair and items that may have been damaged on the overnight sail. Once vessel is departure ready, (ap 1200) we will head into town and enjoy Provincetown for the day. Meals ashore are on your own for lunch and dinner though there will be simple fare available on board that day. We return to the vessel by 2100 and, after a quick return voyage briefing head to our bunks for a great night’s sleep. Day 3. 1700 Underway four Gloucester via the whale rich area of Stelwagen Bank. Return to Gloucester by 1800. Debriefing upon return.

Course Highlights. Pre Departure

Inspecting and preparing systems, Vessel walk through and inspection of safety gear and basic systems overview.

Engine and generator inspection and overview. We will talk about possible problems that we may encounter in the engine room, how to trouble shoot and fix them.

Fueling, fuel filter change and spares. Budgeting fuel use for the voyage

Filling the water tanks and budgeting water use for the voyage

Steering System overview , inspection and discussion of backup steering systems and emergency tillers.

Rig and deck inspection. Securing Dingy and deck gear for passage.

Provisioning and storing goods.

Obtaining accurate weather forecasts and applying them to our intended course.Observing and predicting weather on our own.

Discuss the watch system including safety and collision avoidance.

Plot the course for our intended voyage.

Navigation basics

Housekeeping at sea

Maintaining moral

Learning about marine life.

Much more as things always develop unplanned at sea

SAFETY SAFETY SAFETY. These discussions will be happening often and in detail regarding all aspects of inshore and offshore cruising including but definitely not limited to, Man Overboard recovery, fire at sea, heavy weather, basic first aid and a lot more.

Cost is $2499 per person, $4500 per couple. We take a maximum of four with two cabins available. Cost included Friendly and fun training by a highly experienced Captain and crew, groceries while onboard the ship, linens, developed confidence in your abilities and a great adventure on a fine vessel. Cost does not include meals ashore, alcohol, dockage, ( should we decide not to anchor) and launch service.